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Booking onto a Gotta Sing and/or Gotta Dance show is easy!


Simply complete the boxes below and then click on the red button!  

All dates for 2020/2021 can be seen at the bottom of this page.


To confirm your booking your Headteacher or Principal will also need to sign and return a copy of our 'Booking Agreement Form'.  

Please email a photo of this form completed to



Entry cost is £1.50 per participant. This will be invoiced to the leader of the group one month prior to the show date.  (any group doing two nights will be charged for both nights). 

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Dates of Upcoming Shows​

Tuesday 17th November 2020 Cannock Gotta Sing

Wednesday 2nd December, 2020 Hull Gotta Sing

Saturday 12th December 2020 Christmas Show

Monday 22nd Februay 2021 Stafford Gotta Sing

Wednesday 24th February, 2021 Stafford Gotta Sing

Thursday 25th February, 2021 Stafford Gotta Sing

Friday 26th February, 2021 Stafford Gotta Sing

Monday 1st March 2021 Stoke Gotta Sing

Tuesday 2nd March, 2021 Middlesbrough Gotta Dance

Thursday 4th March, 2021 Shrewsbury Gotta Dance

Monday 8th March 2021 Crewe Gotta Dance

Tuesday 9th March, 2021 Crewe Gotta Dance

Monday 15th March, 2021 Cannock Gotta Dance

Tuesday 16th March, 2021 Cannock Gotta Dance

Tuedsay 23rd March 2021 Redditch Gotta Dance

Tuesday 30th March, 2021 Burnley Gotta Dance

Wednesday 21st April, 2021 Stafford Gotta Dance

Thursday 22nd April, 2021 Stafford Gotta Dance

Friday 23rd April, 2021 Stafford Gotta Dance

Saturday 24th April, 2021 Stafford Gotta Dance

Tuesday 1st June 2021   Date to change Telford Gotta Dance

Monday 7th June, 2021 Mansfield Gotta Dance

Tuesday 8th June 2021 Coventry Gotta Dance

Wednesday 9th June 2021 Coventry Gotta Dance

Thursday 10th June 2021 Burnley Gotta Sing

Monday 14th June 2021 Cannock Sing Back up date

Tuesday 15th June 2021 Redditch Gotta sing

Wednedsay 16th June 2021 Redditch Gotta Sing

Monday 21st June 2021 Braintree Gotta Dance

Tuesday 22nd June 2021 Chelmsford Gotta Dance

Monday 28th June, 2021 Chesterfield Gotta Sing

Tuesday 29th June, 2021 Chesterfield Gotta Sing

Wednesday 30th June 2021 Hull Gotta Dance

Thursday 1st July 2021 Hull Gotta Dance


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