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Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance- This provides support to families in Stafford whose children have cancer diagnosis: before, during and after treatment. We Raised a total of £1900 at the Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford Gotta Sing and Stafford Gotta Dance 2023.


Windmills- Acute Bereavement Support for Children in Staffordshire. We raised a total of £408 at The Prince of Wales Theatre, Cannock Gotta Dance 2023.

Hope House Hospice- Charity in Shropshire, that care for babies, children, young people and young adults up to the age of 25 years who have life-threatening conditions and are not expected to live beyond 25 years of age.


We raised £872 at The Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury Gotta Dance 2023.

Katherine House Hospice- provides specialist palliative care for adults with an incurable illness. Hospice care is for anyone over the age of 18 years who has an advanced life-limiting illness. In October 2022, Steve Glover Trekked to Everest Base Camp to raise money for the local charity. He raised a total of £11,795.28.


Chance Changing Lives is a charity that helps the homeless and most vulnerable people in Crewe and Cheshire.Chance changing lives- We raised a total of £322 at the Lyceum Theatre, Crewe Gotta Dance 2023.

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 James Henry Blake charity is a charity in mansfield, to which provide funding for the development of young people. We Raised a total of £131.15, Tuesday 6th June at 'Mansfield Gotta Dance 2023'.

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We raised £108.42 for New life the charity for disabled children at the Prince of Wales Theatre during 'Cannock Gotta Sing 2023', 15th June.

Friend of Isaac's Food Bank is a charity in Redditch, which helps around 80-100 families a week. We raised a total of £431 at the Palace Theatre over two nights during 'Redditch Gotta Sing 2023'.

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Emmaus charity is a charity in Burnley that supports people who have experienced homelessness. We raised a total of £122 at the Mechanics Theatre during 'Burnley Gotta Sing 2023', Monday 12th June.


We raised a total of £442.51 for Kids Inspire charity at the Civic Theatre over three nights of 'Chelmsford Gotta Dance 2023', Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th June.


Fair play is a Charity in Chesterfield that provides support to children and young people with disabilities and additional needs. WE raised a total of £144 at the Winding Wheel Theatre during 'Chesterfield Gotta Sing 2023'.


We raised £177 for Maninplace charity at the Place Theatre over two nights of 'Telford Gotta Dance 2023', Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th June.

Mininplace photo.jpg

We raised £360 for Mama T's Dance House, which were a group that danced in our first night of Hull Gotta Dance 2023.

Total of £4975.57 raised in our 2022/2023 for local charities.

Thanks so much for your fantastic support. 

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